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It takes 198 pairs of hands to make Grant’s whisky from grain to glass. Grant’s remains the only blended whisky producer to have its own Stillman (The Maker), Cooper (The Muscle) and Master Blender (The Master) working together in one place.

The Maker

Expertly distils our precious spirit. 

Threes have always been important to Grant’s be it the three different types of wood our whisky is matured in, to the three key ingredients in our Whisky, Scottish water, Air and Barley.

Arguably one of most importance is our three sided bottle. In 1957 Hans Schleger created the now distinctive Grant’s triangular bottle, this iconic bottle not only helps to showcase the quality and colour of Grant’s whisky but it also allowed for efficient stacking and packing for exporting around the world.

Grant's The Maker

The Muscle

Sculpts our casks by hand. 

Five generations after our founding father William Grant first opened the doors to his distillery in 1887 we’re officially Scotland’s oldest continuously family-run blended whisky makers.

Today, the tradition lives on and we continue to make our whisky the same way we always did.

Grant's The Muscle

The Master

Skilfully blends whiskies with knowledge shared over 5 generations. 

As the 3rd largest Scotch brand globally, we believe it’s our duty to make whisky that can be enjoyed by everybody, not just the privileged few. Every second, 55 drams  of our precious liquid is drunk around the world.

The future outlook for blended Scotch is exciting, with more people than ever being introduced to the category.

Grant's Master Blender Brian Kinsman

The Brand Ambassador

Danny worked for over 10 years in the spirits industry but his life changed forever when he entered in the ‘Greatest Job Interview in the World’, a competition by Grant’s to find the perfect person to represent the brand as Global Brand Ambassador.

With over 5,000 applicants from around the world, Danny travelled the globe, put his wealth of experience within the industry to the test and, after a gruelling interview, won the accolade of becoming Grant’s new Global Brand Ambassador. He travellers around the world to spread the love for Grants, which is one of the world’s favourite whiskies.

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