Growing up in Aberlour on the North East of Scotland, Daniel Dyer has over ten years’ experience within the whisky industry.

After working at a number of distilleries across Scotland – a role that cemented his love of the whisky industry and gave him a practical understanding of the art and science behind whisky making – Danny went on to work in a range of bars and exclusive clubs across Edinburgh, where he mastered his trade as a bartender and a true ambassador of whisky.

His experience has ranged from working at The Mash Tun Whisky Bar, where he led tastings and wrote a whisky tasting book on over one hundred different whiskies, to working at Usquabar Whisky Bar, where he learnt the art of cocktail making. His passion for the industry has also seen him working at the Scotch malt whisky society as an ambassador, offering tastings to as many as 150 people.

Danny Dyer Grants brand ambassador

Last year, after ten years gaining invaluable experience within the industry, Danny entered the ‘Greatest Job Interview in the World’ – a competition by Grant’s to find their latest Global Brand Ambassador.

With over 5,000 applicants from around the world, Danny travelled the globe, put his wealth of experience within the industry to the test and, after a gruelling interview, won the accolade becoming Grant’s new Global Brand Ambassador.

This year, as Grant’s new Global Brand Ambassador, Danny will be introducing different countries to the global refresh of Grant’s Triple Wood, leading press trips at the Girvan distillery and bringing the rebrand to life.

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