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The Company aims at all times to recruit the person who is most suited to the particular job. Recruitment will be solely on the basis of the applicant's abilities and individual merit as measured against the criteria for the job. Qualifications, experience and skills will be assessed at the level that is relevant to the job.



As you will be required to feature in promotions relating to an alcohol brand, you must be over 25 years old to apply.

You will be eligible to work in the EU or the following countries; USA, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, India, China incl Hong Kong and South Africa. 

As communication is a fundamental aspect of the role, you will have a fluent command of English both orally and in writing.

As you will be travelling globally, you will have a full and valid passport (with minimum 6 month validity) and no criminal convictions.


You are a strong communicator with strong presentation and story-telling skills.

You are online-savvy, with an existing social medial audience that you are willing to leverage and grow with William Grant & Sons.

You have marketing experience as well as a strong understanding of financial and commercial management.

You have the ability to drive trial and retrial of Grant’s in a variety of markets across the world so will be culturally sensitive and aware.

You may have previous experience within the drinks or other consumer brand led industry.


Stage #1: Apply Now!

You need to create an original drink using Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky and post it to Instagram [and/or] Facebook including the hashtag #GrantsInterview and the name of your drink.    

Assessment of entries will be based on the following criteria:

• Distinctiveness: Is the drink intriguingly different? Does it align with Grant’s core brand values (i.e. celebrating collective achievement)?

• Creativity: Does the drink have an interesting name? Is the copy engaging? Does the accompanying picture exhibit an ability to capture the attention of others?

• Intrigue: Does the drink tease the imagination and make the audience want to learn more about you and how you might excite a wide range of new and existing audiences across the world? Can you demonstrate that you can charm people with whom you have no existing relationship?

For Instagram / Facebook entries, you must include the hashtag #GrantsInterview.    

Max entries per person: 3

Deadline for entries: 30 August 2017 at midnight UK time.

Your entry must be your own creation and not be copied from any other person. You must have taken the photograph of the drink yourself or have the approval of the individual who took the photograph to upload it to Instagram or Facebook. The photo must not include a person unless you have their written consent to be used in the photo.

Any entries (during any Stage of this recruitment) which are deemed offensive, abusive, illegal or derogatory, or which infringe the rights of any third party, or which contain profanity or illegal activities will be disqualified. Any such entry must be immediately removed from Instagram. 

From all of our entries in Stage #1, we will select the best 250 (based on the criteria above) and send a short application form to these people asking for more information. From completed entries, we will then work with our three global influencers  and an internal team to narrow the field to 20 who will be invited to ‘The Mixer’ event in Scotland…  

By participating in this recruitment and uploading your entry to Facebook/Instagram, you consent to us using your personal details, including your name, Instagram or Facebook username, and your entry to promote Grant’s. 

This recruitment is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram. You understand that you are providing your information to William Grant & Sons and not to Facebook or Instagram and that neither Facebook nor Instagram have liability for any element of this recruitment.

Stage #2: ‘The Mixer’ 

The Mixer event will take place in mid-September at Grant’s spiritual home in Scotland, the original family distillery in Dufftown, Speyside.  

We will provide travel and accommodation (two nights) for our final 20 candidates to attend the event where they’ll be set a series of challenges relevant to the job, designed by our global influencers and internal team. More details about the challenges and the specific selection criteria will be confirmed to attendees nearer to the event.  

Any bad behaviour of the entrant (during this Stage or Stage 3) which attracts or could attract negative publicity for Grant’s or is deemed offensive, abusive, illegal or derogatory will be disqualified.

From our final 20, three finalists will be confirmed by the end of September to embark on our final stage… 

Stage #3: The Journey

Our three finalists will each visit three different destinations across ten days, leaving mid-October. For example:  




Each finalist will be given a suitcase of Grant’s Whisky when they arrive in each destination, echoing the epic journey undertaken by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909 when he took Grant’s whisky to the world. Accompanied by a personal videographer to document their journey, each finalist will liaise with our local teams to set up events and complete a list of pre assigned tasks that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways. Their adventures will be featured on our website and official social media presences and by participating you consent to being featured in this publicity. The key objective will be to take the drink highlighted in their initial entry to the groups of friends they’ve not met yet. Again, success criteria will be spelt out in detail to Finalists ahead of their journey. The person who best demonstrates these criteria on their journey – decided by our global influencers and internal team - will be offered the job of Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador. 

The finalists must: 

• comply with our marketing code of practice and all local laws, including all obligations we specify regarding the responsible marketing of alcoholic products

• not do anything which could, in our reasonable opinion, bring us or Grant’s into disrepute.


If you are selected as the Grant’s Whisky Global Brand Ambassador, you will be subject to the following:

• You will have access to confidential and commercially sensitive information.  It is very important to our success that the confidentiality and security of such information is not breached.  You must, therefore, not disclose any confidential or commercially sensitive information to anyone outside William Grant & Sons during employment or after leaving.

• All inventions, innovations, developments or discoveries relating in any way to the business or Grant’s will belong to William Grant & Sons.  At our request and expense, you will do whatever we may reasonably require to give us the full benefit of such inventions, discoveries or patents.

• In connection with your appointment, you are expected to devote during working hours, your whole time, attention and skill to the business of the Company unless prevented by ill-health.  You shall not be concerned either directly or indirectly in any business or work other than that of this Company except as may be permitted in writing by the Company.

• As part of our employment process, you may be required to pass a drug screening test conducted by a physician selected by the Company.  We may also require the completion of a pre-employment background screening, including social security number, education verification, motor vehicle record and reference check report.  Any offer is contingent on verification of the information you provide on the Employment Application and previously mentioned, pre-employment background screening and the passing of the drug screening test.  Employment as a result of your acceptance of this offer will commence on your successful completion of all the preceding and your reporting to assume your new duties.

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